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Alberto Marsico, born in Turin in 1966, has been professionally active for about thirty years as an organist and keyboardist; his passion for the Hammond organ was born in 1994, however, after having attended Jack McDuff \ 's seminars in Genoa.


In 1995 McDuff himself recorded a composition dedicated to him and signed by Marsico and entitled "Jack-pot", on the self-titled album released by Red Records.

In the summer of 1996 he is on tour in Spain and Portugal with the Slovenian drummer Zlatko Kaucic, while he continues the collaboration with various American musicians in the soul-jazz field, such as Lannie McMillan, Ollie Nightingale, Linda Young, Beverly Watson, Sharon Clark.


In 1998 in San Francisco he recorded "Hiding in plain sight" and performed for a month throughout the Bay Area with guitarist and singer Anthony Paule.


In June 2000 he realizes a teenage dream: he shares the stage as a duo with Ian Paice for a concert-workshop of the Deep Purple drummer held in Gubbio.


In September 2001 he was called to Los Angeles by blues guitarist Alex Schultz to record two CDs, in the company of musicians such as singer Lynwood Slim and bassist Larry Taylor (Canned Heat, Tom Waits). For Organic Music he also records the album "Jazz The Beatles" (entirely dedicated to the music of the famous English quartet) with the group Scenario (Simone Santini on sopranino sax and Enzo Zirilli on drums).


In September / October 2002 he performs in Singapore and Sydney (Australia).


In spring 2003 he is on a European tour with American soul-blues singers Finis Tasby and Tad Robinson, while in July he is again in Singapore and Malaysia.


In January 2004 he plays in Finland at the Yllas Jazz Festival with the German guitarist Christian Rover. In April he recorded his second solo CD for Organic Music, entitled "Organ Logistics".


In 2005 he continuously collaborated with the great jazz drummer Alvin Queen within his project called "Organics" with which he performed in Spain, France and Croatia together with the alto Jesse Davis.


Also in 2005 another dream, perhaps the longest pursued, comes true: called by the Beatles Fan Club Italia on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of its foundation, he crosses the threshold of Studio 2 in Abbey Road in London where at the organ where they sat Paul McCartney and Billy Preston and records two Beatles songs, including an "organ solo" now collected in the CD produced by the Club. Other recordings follow in the spring: a solo CD for the Italian label "Azzurra" entitled "Rock Candy" , inside a box set dedicated to the history of the Hammond organ, and another in a trio with the Dresden guitarist Lars Kutschke entitled "Soundsville": an explosive blend of blues, jazz and rock.


In June 2006 he was invited to perform in Ryazan (Russia) at a festival dedicated to the Hammond organ and he also performed in Moscow with the American singer Brian Templeton. In July he is invited to participate, with Soundsville, at the "North Sea Jazz Festival" in Den Haag. In September another recording was released for the German label Organic Music, with Organ Logistics, this time in the company of the great American highman Jesse Davis as special guest. The disc is titled "Take A Walk On The Moon" and is presented to the press in a concert recorded and also broadcast by German Radio.

In December he is on the stage of the Blue Note in Milan for four consecutive evenings as a guest of the Joey De Francesco Trio.


In 2007 he actively collaborated and recorded with the guru and great master of Italian jazz drummers Gianni Cazzola in a project called "MaMa Trio", also in the company of Ettore Martin on sax. He then records the second Soundsville album, in Germany, and in December he plays in Parma, in duo with Enrico Rava.


In January 2008 he participated in the NAMM in Los Angeles as co-designer of electronic keyboards oriented specifically to the reproduction of the Hammond organ sound (KeyB Organ), and was later invited by RAI and the journalist Piero Angela to participate in the broadcast "Superquark", as an expert in the history and technique of the Hammond organ.

In June he organizes and directs the We Love Jazz seminar, one of the most important European jazz seminars, inviting and coordinating teachers such as Benny Golson, Jimmy Cobb, Buster Williams, Joey DeFrancesco and George Cables. The seminar sees the participation of 104 students from all over the world and the participation of a total of 3000 spectators at the concerts parallel to the initiative.

In the meantime, since 2004, he has renewed his periodic didactic collaboration with the Conservatories of Leipzig, Dresden and Enschede for the deepening of the technique connected to the instrument of which he can call himself a specialist.

In 2009 he toured with trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso and recorded his first DVD with his band, Organ Logistics, obtaining an excellent public success.

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Alberto Marsico
Alberto Marsico
Alberto Marsico
Alberto Marsico
Alberto Marsico

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