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Born in Milan, of Neapolitan origins and lived for a long time in Switzerland, she began singing very young. Her artistic activity is very intense, especially abroad. One of the most prestigious international festivals, the Montreux Jazz Festival which she has invited her for two consecutive editions, she has considered one of the top 5 voices in the world. She is a curious researcher, she alternates her interest in jazz, tango, songwriting, theater, musical theater of which she is considered one of the greatest European performers.


In jazz you have collaborated with Giorgio Gaslini, Gianni Coscia, Renato Sellani, Simone Guiducci, Kyle Gregory, Stefania Tallini, Salvatore Maiore. She is interested in the musical avant-gardes, she was the protagonist engaged in an electronic music project with some researchers from the Department of Musicology

of the University of Helsinki.


In 2002 she is the protagonist, with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Massimo Lambertini, of the world premiere in Vilnius and Kaunas of "L'Opéra du Pauvre", an unpublished work composed for single voice singer and reciter, symphony orchestra and choir by the great French poet, composer and chansonnier Léo Ferré. Also in 2002 she won the European Music Award with “Opéra Tango” with the group of the Uruguayan bandoneonist Hector Ulises Passerella. In 2005 she becomes the protagonist of "The wonderful adventure of the tango", alongside the pianist and composer Luis Bacalov, Oscar winner for the music of the film "Il Postino", a project crowned with great success for many years.


Always as the protagonist she participates in the show written, directed and performed by Giorgio Albertazzi entitled "Borges in Tango" (dedicated to the poetic texts of Borges and the music of Piazzolla). Always in the theater alongside Omero Antonutti (film actor of great depth, protagonist of the splendid film by the Taviani, Padre padrone) with "Tu non u che la notte .... two years later" and "Religioni contro" and at the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Il Rossetti di Trieste, in a songspiel written by the musicologist Gianni Gori who saw her protagonist alongside the actor Mario Valdemarin.

Valent actress as well as singer, in July 2004 she was invited as an artist of the Teatro Canzone genre to the first edition of the “Giorgio Gaber” Festival at the Cittadella del Carnevale di Viareggio. Since then he has been the protagonist of various shows dedicated to this great author, including the original "If I lost ... who won?", Signed by Abner Rossi-Mario Berlinguer and, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death, "Hop ... la lightness: Gaber… after Gaber ”.

he intensifies his concert activity abroad thanks also to the numerous collaborations with the Italian Embassies and Institutes in the world that have used his projects to promote the Italian language and culture in the

world: Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Ireland, Latvia, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Malta, Albania, Russia, Japan, Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia, Canada, Croatia, the United States, Serbia, a long list of nations that have welcomed this artist by hosting her in prestigious festivals and theaters.

With the project "Sous le ciel de Paris - Homage to Edith Piaf" she was a guest of the Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra in 2011 and in 2012 she began an intense concert activity, also in Siberia, with I Virtuosi di Krasnoyarsk.

His discography is wide: Something to remember (with Gianni Coscia and Renato Sellani) released on the prestigious and classic Fonè label by Giulio Cesare Ricci, (reissued in 2012 in limited edition 24kGold and on vinyl) "Singing Modugno", "Fiori d ' Love and Anarchy "," C'est toujours la même chanson "dedicated to the songwriters of the" Genoese school "," Mare di mezzo - Mediterraneo ", dedicated to the delicate issues related to the Mediterranean Sea elaborated by the Councilor for Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament (R) exist realized in collaboration with the Department of Musicology of the University of Helsinki, "If I lost ... who won?" for the "Maremosso Edizioni" label.

However, her commitment also makes her an institutional character and more. And she was a member of the Board of Directors of the international ONLUS "Women of the Mediterranean", she has artistically directed from 2001 to

2009 the "Jazz'n'Forte" Festival, later transformed into Versilia Jazz Festival - Europe Music Award, a festival entirely dedicated to Made in Italy jazz that awarded the greatest national jazz players, from Renato Sellani to Stefano Bollani, Franco Cerri, Gianni Coscia and Gianluigi Trovesi and directed the 'female' network Isabella Donne in Arte.

For many years you have taken care of the musical programming of the events for ENEL on the occasion of the various Open days of the plants in Italy.

In 2016 he created the format "Host culture", which promotes concerts and performances on the sites offered by entrepreneurs, individuals, and anyone who shares the spirit of hosting artists in order to create moments of sharing, conviviality with high-level concerts.

You have taught jazz singing at the Messina Conservatory; she currently at the Conservatory of Trento.

Today she, together with her art and life partner, the poet and writer Abner Rossi, guards the 1300 church of San Bartolomeo a Monte Oliveto, in Florence, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the same where the great

Leonardo painted his Annunciation.

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Anna Maria Castelli
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