Chiara Civello

Chiara Civello. Warm voice, poetry and surprising harmonies are just a part of what makes her music so marvelous. She had indeed a long journey, not only from the musical point of view, through the Atlantic Ocean. Born in Rome, Chiara was encouraged to play the piano by her grandmother. She jokingly said that the vertical piano of her grandmother was a great school for the refinement of her musical ear. Meanwhile she also started to play acoustic guitar and the first experience with this instrument ends in a funny way. She was going to buy a gelato. While sitting down in the small car, Chiara broke the neck of the guitar. Her mother then yelled: “Forget a new one, now you will learn to sing!". Chiara performed in classical choirs, but she was looking for something that would allow her to express herself freely.
A friend of her suggested her to study jazz music, a kind music of which she doesn’t know almost anything. She attended a small music school in Rome, ‘the Saint Louis’, while attending high school. Starting from this period she began to build her artistic career. At the age of sixteen, hiding from friends and relatives, she joined an audition for the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, singing the song “What are you doing the rest of your life” written by Michel Legrand and she won a scholarship. Then she left for her first American tour, which began in Boston in 1994, developing her talent. In the first year, Chiara is an important presence in the Boston music scene, performing regularly at venues where have been hosted some of the best American musicians. Her journey is not intended to culminate in Boston, nor

limited to jazz music. As like many of her predecessors left the Berklee, she moved to New York. Looking for something musically closer to her Mediterranean roots, she’s been in particular into Latin and Brazilian music and she learnt Spanish and Portuguese languages. During the year 1998 she composed her first song, “Parole Incerte”, the song which changed the course of her life. While living in New York, Chiara met the legendary producer Russ Titelman, leaving him a demo of her song “Parole Incerte”. Titelman called her the next day, insisting: "You are a singer, forget everything else, you must write your songs". Chiara began composing and writing lyrics. She discovered Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits and recorded with James Taylor the song called “October Road”, included in his album.
Titelman sent the song to the president of Verve Records who offered Chiara a recording contract the day after listening to it. She is the first Italian artist ever to be under contract for a prestigious American label and to have the opportunity to get into an important recording studio in order to work on her first album produced by Russ Titelman.











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