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Turin 1 November 1962 Saxophonist, composer and arranger. An artist with a jazz background, he has deepened experiences in almost all possible musical genres, bringing together in a single lexicon the one absorbed by the most distant stylistic acquaintances, dictated by both professional curiosity and extravagant chance. Received elementary training in a village band, he meets jazz in the 1970s in the first clubs of his city of origin, in which he becomes a precocious protagonist. His jazz activity leads him to collaborate with many internationally renowned jazzmen including Franco D'Andrea and Dado Moroni, Barney Kessel and John Patitucci, Steve Grossman and Enrico Rava, Flavio Boltro and Francois Jeanneau, in countless clubs and festivals. 'from 20 European and non-European countries, for over 2000 concerts. Between 1990 and 2000 he composed numerous concerts including the recent "Diorite Sonora-Concerto for Saxophone Solo" in homage to the great sculptor Mario Giansone, the soundtrack of the European exhibition of the Whitney Museum in N.Y. with the Saxea 4tet, the concert for Renaissance and Gregorian choir and saxophone "Contrapunctum", "Tam Tam" for the Teatro Regio in Turin with some of the greatest African drum masters, "Natura Morta with Custody of Sax" by and with Geoff Dyer and Riccardo Forte, "E'la Parola una Wing of Silence" on texts by Pablo Neruda with Oliviero Corbetta and Il Saxea 4tet and "Arie e Tamburi" for the Jungle Stomp Orchestra, a formation of 30 musicians made up of African drums, section of classical strings, jazz trio, lyric voice and “afro” voice. From '96 to today he has directed dozens of jazz-festivals and musical events including "Jazz in Town" editions '97 and '98 in Turin and Bologna, for the Philip Morris Companies, and "Jazz a Palazzo" at the Palazzo Reale in Turin. . He has collaborated as an instrumentalist or arranger on many television broadcasts on all national networks and on as many recordings, from pop to soundtrack. Recently he participated in the World Summer Tour of Solomon Burke and BB King (over 30 concerts) and in the tour of Fiorella Mannoia (about 150 concerts) with a happy presence at “Live 8” in Rome.

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Diego Borotti
Diego Borotti
Diego Borotti
Diego Borotti
Diego Borotti

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