Berardi Jazz Connection

Francesco Lomagistro & Berardi Jazz Connection was birthed by Francesco Lomagistro’s well-known drummer/percussionist idea to put together all the experiences that come from his passion for Afro – american music, the ‘groove’, and the synergy between rhythm and melody. The voyage started many years ago in the center of Taranto (south of Italy) on a street called Via Berardi where, Francesco had an apartment using it as a rehearsal studio. After many different experiences as “sideman” and different concerts around the world with both artists, in the year 2005 Francesco decided to “give life” to this project involving other Italian talents and international sp guests.
After the international release of three albums The way I like , Do it and Anyway with the collaboration of his friend the pianist Ettore Carucci, the drummer and band leader sets up the new band for the fourth cd.
The new BJC are Michele Campobasso piano and keyboards, Vincenzo Presta sax, Francesco Lento trumpet and Camillo Pace double bass. With their 3 albums, they win all the world, as nu European jazz band.
Walking in the Village, one composition of Anyway has been included in the Top Jazz Tunes of 2010 in Japan (Tokyo Jazz Notes), and most of the tunes were played from many radio stations all around the world and different compositions included in many compilations.


T-Riot is a rock-solid trio session, with a top-shelf Italian groove pedigree, as the group features two members from Berardi Jazz Connection, drummer  Francesco Lomagistro, bassist Camillo Pace  and pianist Pietro Vincenti, from Quintetto X . All three musicians are in a straighter jazz vein, yet still one that's filled with plenty of rhythm! The piano, bass and drums come together fantastically here,  romping together through some great titles of their own and a few really excellent remakes as well. T-Riot sound is full of energy with great Vincenti's  solo moments on piano.

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