Gegè Telesforo

Gegè Telesforo. Singer, instrumentalist, composer, producer but also journalist, television and radio personality, GeGè Telesforo represents a professional figure of a thousand facets, the best of the living jazz tradition in Italy.

GeGè’s artistic endeavors started when his incredible vocal talent was discovered by the italian media celebrity Renzo Arbore. Over the years, he has developed his own personal style of “scat” singing, renewing a particular form of vocal improvisation almost forgotten abroad and which never existed in Italy. Since the mid 80′s, GeGè put together the best musicians of the Italian Jazz and R&B scene (Roberto Gatto, Danilo Rea, Antonio Fara, Marco Rinalduzzi, Enzo Pietropaoli, Rita Marcotulli, Marco Tamburini, Dario and Alfonso Deidda, Amedeo Ariano, Max Ionata, Rossana Casale, Agostino Marangolo, Francesco Puglisi, Fabio Zeppetella, Marcello Surace, Alex Gwiss, Marco Siniscalco, Max Bottini, Giorgia, Stefano Di Battista, Rocco Zifarelli, Julian Oliver Mazzariello, Mia Cooper), performing a renewal of old jazz standards and his original compositions, using breathtaking arrangements and moving harmonies. Thanks to his association with Ben Sidran, pianist, singer, writer and producer, GeGè recorded for GoJazz Records in important studios with the most recognized international musicians, and his undisputed talent has been exported around the world playing his part with The Go Jazz All Stars, performing with such Jazz and Funk “Masters” as Jon Hendricks, Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, DeeDee Bridgewater, Phil Woods,

Bob Malach, Georgie Fame, Clyde Stubblefield, Mike Mainieri, Bob Rockwell, Richard Davis, Phil Upchurch, Ricky Peterson, Frank McComb. For sometime GeGè Telesforo, leading bands as PureFunkLive, Groovinators, So Cool 5tet, has focused his musical evolution on a jazz- funk style, in which jazz elements and improvisations come together to form a rigorous and unmistakable rhythm dominated by groove.


“When I first heard Gegè on The International Doc Club, the television show he hosted in Rome, I said to myself, ‘Self, this is one bad motorcycle!’ That opinion has not changed, nor will it ever. Gegè is bad. He’s good too, of course, but he’s better than good. He’s BAD! When you hear him, you know you’re listening to a soul that’s on the inside singing out, not on the outside looking in. This ain’t no cat trying to git it”.
Jon Hendricks


“Gegè Telesforo, as Jon Hendricks has pointed out, is Italy’s foremost jazz
singer. He has hosted national radio and television programs for many years,
and is a media celebrity who represents the best of the living jazz
tradition. For several years, he was the host of television and radio programs that showcased the best international musical talent. He performed with or interviewed such stars as Dizzy Gillespie, Deedee Bridgewater, Betty Carter, Miles Davis, James Brown and Jimmy Smith. His recordings on Go Jazz have featured his scat-singing with such jazz masters as Clark Terry, Jon Hendricks and Bob Malach. But what makes him truly special is that he is both a bebopper and a bluesman. He is touring continuously, both in Italy and around the world leading his own bands, a hard-driving collection of talented musicians who can swing and groove as hard as any group in the world”.

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