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B i o g r a p h y 

Irene Grandi discovered her talent and cultivated it in a long period of musical growth in the Florentine and Tuscan environment. She made her debut at the age of twenty-four in Sanremo 1994 in the “New proposals” category with the song “Fuori” written in collaboration with the author and musician Telonio. The same year she released her first album, “Irene Grandi”. In addition to the song presented at the Festival, the disc also contains “T.V.B.”, a song signed by Jovanotti and Telonio, and "Married! Subito !!", written by Irene in collaboration with Eros Ramazzotti.

The following year "On vacation for a lifetime" (1995) was released, the second album that contains important songs such as "Bum Bum", "Dolcissimo amore", the title track "On vacation for a lifetime" and "The cat and the mouse ”The latter written by Pino Daniele who also wants her on tour with him that same year, also launching the duet on“ If I want ”, a song by the Neapolitan singer-songwriter contained in his album“ Don't trample the flowers in the desert ”.

 In 1997, Per fortuna unfortunately ”was released, the singer's third album and third chapter of the artistic partnership with Telonio, who signed all her songs with Irene. It is an experimental record, including soul, ethnic-tribal sounds and electronics, the first clear sign of the free spirit and open to experimentation by the Florentine singer.


"Green red and blue" (1999) is the fourth album. It contains the song "Your girlfriend always", signed by Vasco Rossi and Gaetano Curreri with whom she participates in Sanremo 2000, finishing second. It is the first act of a twenty-year partnership between Blasco and Irek.


2000 is also the year of Pavarotti & Friends, in which she participates in a duet with Luciano Pavarotti himself on a reinterpretation of “Guarda che luna” in a classic-swing key.


In 2001 his first collection "Irek" was released, which contains the unpublished "Per fare l'Amore" and "Sconvolto così".

The same year he performed in front of one hundred thousand people at the Heineken Jammin 'Festival in Imola, opening for Vasco, with whom he also collaborated for the publication of "Before leaving for a long journey", a song with a farsighted title, also by coupled Rossi / Curreri, and contained in the fifth album "Before leaving" in 2003.


2005 is the year of "Indelible", the sixth work that contains the hit "Let it go" composed with Gaudì and Riccardo Cavalieri and 2007 of the second collection of hits, "Irenegrandi.hits", which contains "Bruci la città" written by Francesco Bianconi of the Baustelle, which will soon become one of Irene's most loved songs by the public, and “E 'only a dream”, written with Paolo Benvegnù.


In 2008 the album "Canzoni per Natale" was released with which Irene brought the international tradition of Christmas records to Italy. In the same year, Mondadori published her first official autobiography, “Diary of a bad girl”.


In 2010 Irene returns to Sanremo after ten years with "Halley's Comet", again composed by Bianconi. The song that anticipates “Alle porte del sogno”, the seventh album of her unreleased songs.


In 2011, Irene wrote a song for Tiziano Ferro, “Paura non ho”.


In 2012 the desire to mix up the cards again materializes with "Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani", a record born from the collaboration and twenty-year friendship with the famous pianist (together they played in the LaForma band in the nineties and Stefano is present in many of the friend's discs). The project, voice and piano, is a reinterpretation of famous songs and standards from different worlds, from Brazil by Chico Barque de Hollanda and Vinicius De Moraes to rock by Radiohead to Italian songs by Pino Daniele, Niccolò Fabi, Cristina Donà up to the "W la pappa col pomodoro ”originally written by Lina Wertmuller to music by Nino Rota.


In 2015 she participated in the 65th Festival of the Italian Song of Sanremo with the song "A wind without a name", of which she is the author, title track of the homonymous album, the tenth (ninth of unreleased).


In 2018, another turn, towards video art this time, with "Lungoviaggio", a project that combines the talent of Irene with that of the brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza, photographer the first and multi-instrumentalist the second, the latter a close collaborator in the studio for years and live as well as co-author of many songs by Irene. The visual album is opened by "Welcome to your journey" track in which Vasco Rossi offers a splendid cameo.

Samantha Cristoforetti, of the writer Tiziano Terzani (posthumously), of Vasco Rossi and of the singer-songwriter Cristina Donà.


In 2019 she celebrates twenty-five years of career with "Grandissimo", a record that represents the two souls of Irene Grandi, popular rocker and refined performer. The album consists of three parts; one composed of five unpublished works written by Irene together with Saverio Lanza, Antonio Filippelli, Mario Amato; among these also "I passi dell'amore" signed by the Sicilian singer-songwriter Dimartino, chosen as the single of the album; six classics from her repertoire proposed in duets with Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent D’arby), Carmen Consoli, Fiorella Mannoia, Stefano Bollani, Loredana Bertè, Levante; finally six other hits, revisited with a guitar-bass-drums trio, with a very rock cut.


She participated in the Sanremo 2020 Festival with "Finally I", the song written for her by Vasco Rossi (together with Roberto Casini, Gaetano Curreri and Andrea Righi) and arranged by Celso Valli.

In November 2020 a limited edition live double vinyl of the concert at the Verdi theater in Florence was released in which the artist celebrated her 25-year career in her city.


His recording career has always been accompanied by an intense live activity and many collaborations, which in addition to some of the most influential Italian authors and singers - the aforementioned Rossi, Jovanotti, Daniele, Bianconi, Telonio, Lanza and others, 'led to sharing the stage or recording studio with some of the stars of the international scene such as Youssou N'Dour, Patti Smith, Hector Zazou, James Reid. She has been the protagonist of important television appearances, major events and theatrical tours, in which the artist has involved large audiences thanks to a natural charisma and a powerful and recognizable voice.


Irene Grandi in these twenty-five years of music has passed through the meshes of rock, jazz, bossa nova, songwriting, soul, always being herself and consistent with her choices. You have made an evolution that has never stopped, that of an artist who has never tamed and who has chosen freedom above all else: of expression, of choice, of experimenting, of being independent.

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Irene Grandi
Irene Grandi
Irene Grandi
Irene Grandi
Irene Grandi

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