Letizia Gambi

Letizia Gambi Born in Naples, south Italy, Letizia grew up in an artistic family, which consisted of opera singers, musicians, actors and writers. Early on, her family moved from Naples to Como in the north of Italy. They carried their traditions and all of their musical wealth with them, but she learned the meaning of Nostalgia. This was one of the reasons she held tightly to her Neapolitan roots and culture, going back to Naples whenever she could and why she needed to infuse her culture into everything that she did. Letizia starting dancing at age eleven, went to art school at thirteen and began showcasing her art and winning awards for her paintings at just fourteen years old. When she was fifteen, Letizia began traveling to London for the summers to study musical theatre. Continuing to dance, she became a dance instructor and choreographer at a very young age, while continuing to sing and act. She studied acting for 2 years and worked as an actress. Finally, because of her great love and passion for music, she decided to audition for the International Jazz Academy in Milan, out of 60 people who auditioned, she was one of only seven that was accepted to into the program. She studied for four years and became an assistant to the vocal professor in her fifth, "Master Year"

Letizia graduated with a Masters Degree in Jazz Vocal Performance. Letizia worked as a singer/songwriter, teaching Jazz and Pop singing in several music schools in Milan, Como and Switzerland. She took musical theater roles, like playing Anita in West Side Story, she acted in TV shows and sang with many well known and appreciated Italian Jazz musicians and lead in a Jazz Big Band. Her versatility brought her to sing any kind of music, from Gospel (she was soloist in the choir of Civici Corsi di Jazz in Milan) to dance music, classical repertoire, pop and anything she likes. In 2009, Letizia met the legendary drummer and producer Lenny White, after a performance in Milan and expressed to him, her desire to fuse Jazz heritage with her roots and Neapolitan musical influences in a contemporary way. Intrigued by her ideas, Lenny asked her to send him some material, she did and the result (after two years of intense work) is her debut recording, "Introducing Letizia Gambi”(2012 produced by Jando Music) This collaboration brought Letizia to New York , where she studied, wrote and recorded the album with many great musicians and an incredible line-up of "all star guests” that support her including, Ron Carter, Chick Corea, Gato Barbieri, Wallace Roney, Patrice Rushen, Gil Goldstein, Antonio Faraò and her co-collaborator and producer, Lenny White on drums. In 2016 she released her second album "Blue Monday" that includes more originals written by Letizia and Lenny White, recorded in New York and produced again by her mentor Lenny White. Ron Cater, Gil Goldstein, Donald Vega, Dave Stryker, Helen Sung, John Benitez, Jisoo Ok,Hector Del Curto, Pete Levin, played with her. Letizia performed as a guest with Lenny White and his band during his last European Tour, she also opened the "Premio Biagio Agnes" Media Awards, a televised event on Raiuno channel, with a great "a cappella” performance. Her American debut was very successful, in New York at the Jazz Standard as a guest with Lenny White & friends, featuring Ron Carter on bass and Patrice Rushen on piano. Letizia represented Italy with her music in Japan at the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka and Tokyo. She sang for the General Italian Consul in Slovenia and in Argentina, where she performed few gigs including a sold out concert for the Italian Republic Anniversary with a 100 piece orchestra and choir. She performed in many venues and festivals including the Blue Note in Milan, Auditorium Parco della Musica and Casa del Jazz in Rome. Her original song Under the Moon was included in Musica Jazz Magazine’s cd tribute to Frank Sinatra for the centennial from his birth, where Letizia was guest with many Italian great artists. The American jazz magazine JAZZIZ included her Back to Black cover for the spring 2016 cd issue. Letizia is a Recording Academy voting member since 2012 and both her records were considerered for the Grammy Awards as Best Vocal Jazz Album and Best Arrangements for Vocals. In 2015 Letizia received from the Weworld Onlus the international WeWorld award as international female artist defending women’s rights. In September 2016 Letizia received the Award Premio San Gennaro in her hometown Napoli for bringing her Neapolitan heritage through her voice around the world. Blue Monday was also nominated for the prestigious Italian awards Targhe Tenco 2016. Letizia recently recorded a song with multi awarded pianist Fahir Atagoklu that will be included in his next album coming out in 2019. She’s currently working on her next album that will be recorded in by the end of 2019.

"Letizia Gambi is a stunning vocalist!” STING

"...It was soooo nice to play with/for a singer that can really sing." RON CARTER

"Lenny White and Letizia Gambi have created the hippest musical address in Naples; at the intersection of Neapolitan music and jazz." GIL GOLDSTEIN

“Letizia is a new artist with an old soul. I’m always looking for new artists who have knowledge and respect of tradition but free spirited enough not to look at me crazy when I ask them to change it.Letizia Found me. She's really a human dynamo and the best student I ever had. Ladies and Gentlemen : Introducing Letizia Gambi!" LENNY WHITE “Introducing Letizia Gambi is one of those dramatic arrivals that challenges categories and assumptions. It's a longer way of saying simply that this album is indeed a rare thing – one that deserves to be heard and considered according to its own merits.” ASHLEY KHAN

"Letizia Gambi is that rare talent, a charismatic singer emboldened to take ambitious risks…she casts a vocal spell that , while not exclusively jazz, is nonetheless wistful and enchanting" DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

"Killer stuff that sets a sure footed course to tomorrow, this is the future of jazz vocal right now, and it's bad to the bone. Killer stuff delivered from all present for the date, this is sure to blow your ears wide open." MIDWEST RECORD "This is a vocalist blessed with a sultry contralto, and is born with a talent to adorn words with ethereal beautiful inflections. There is fine use of dynamics and Gambi's approach is also to elegantly execute vocals without frills; just deeply felt emotions complemented with lilting loveliness. What a way to seal the human heart." RAUL DA GAMA - LATINJAZZNET

E’ sempre la personalità a fare la differenza. Come nel caso di Letizia Gambi. L’album Blue Monday è un gioiello raro. PAOLO GIORDANO - IL GIORNALE

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