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B i o g r a p h y 

Pianist, composer and lawyer, among the most successful and innovative exponents of italian contemporary instrumental music scene.

Remo Anzovino was born in Pordenone in 1976 from Neapolitan parents. He is a composer, pianist and criminal lawyer. He graduated at the age of 24 with honors in the ancient University of Bologna, he started a career as a lawyer entering the Milanese study of one of the leading Italian criminal lawyers and then sponsoring hundreds of defenses, activities that still plays. He composed the music for the major masterpieces of the #cinemamuto (more than thirty films) collaborating with the most prestigious film libraries and participating with soundtracks of his composition at the main festivals and international festivals. The national TV network "Rai 3" Ballarò program often used its melodies as a musical commentary, and the same did Otto and Mezzo on "La7" private TV network. His first unpublished solo album is "Odd" in 2006, followed by "Tabù" in 2008, "Igloo" in 2010 and the last "Immobile Traveler" in 2012. He also has a live record and special projects "Alba dei Tram - Dedicated to Pasolini" (2015) and "Fight for Freedom: Tribute to Muhammad Ali" with Roy Paci (2017). 
Remo Anzovino is still divided between the recording studio and the law firm, where he works as a criminal lawyer. He is considered among the most successful and innovative exponents of contemporary instrumental music and has recently entered the great family of Yamaha Artists. With this 

cosmopolitan album, he explores human solitude through an emotional narration and at the same time the story of the beauty of life and the contradictions of today's reality. «One evening I found my key to the nocturne: narrate - tells Remo Anzovino - I imagined a man, any one, no matter what latitude or social background, whose characteristic was the belonging to the world today. I fantasized that this man, in the one-night time unit alone, listening to these compositions could see his past flow and imagine the future. In imagining these scenes I then started to compose by exploiting the relationship with nature, sensing that the figure of this music was to be the description of human solitude and at the same time the story of the beauty of life, a story that is stronger and clearer than the caducity and the randomness of existence ". His last CD "Nocturne" (Sony Classics) released september 29th was recorded between Tokyo (JVC Victor Studio), London (Abbey Road), Paris (Les Studios Saint Germain) and New York (Brooklyn Recording), is modern and incisive. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Taketo Gohara, with the orchestral arrangements of Stefano Nanni who also directed the London Session Orchestra. Among the international musicians of high level who have lent their sensitivity to the project there are, among others, the Chinese #violin Masatsugu Shinozaki, the first violin of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Armenian Vardan Grygorian, considered among the best world performers of #duduk, the French Nadia Ratsimandresy, one of the world's greatest virtuosos of #ondesmartenot and Gianfranco Grisi, inventor of her #cristallarmonio and unsurpassed in the art of playing glass. On September 29th the docufilm "Canto alla Duration - tribute to Peter Handke" directed by Didi Gnocchi of which Anzovino has edited the soundtrack, will be released and broadcast on Sky Arte TV.

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Remo Anzovino
Remo Anzovino
Remo Anzovino
Remo Anzovino
Remo Anzovino

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