Serena Brancale

Serena Brancale. For most people music of quality is limited to a specific musical genre, but for Serena Brancale music represents a “melting pot” of various genres, sounds and ideas. Thanks to this view, her area of expertise goes from jazz and soul to funk and r&b, it also includes ballads and author songs, and it does not leave the modern electronic sounds out as they produce intense moments of inspiration (to her).

The very young singer and songwriter from Bari is certainly one of the most talented voices which have recently emerged in Italy. Starting from Apulia, a region which in the past years has produced many talented artists, Serena has managed to catch the attention of both the refined public, such as that of jazz, and the mass. In particular, she gave an outstanding performance during the Sanremo Festival in 2015. With the song “Galleggiare”, which she wrote, she has been able to attract the interest of the public which was not acquainted with the richness of such refined sounds; she has earned the esteem of great Italian artists, such as Fiorello, Mario Biondi, Arisa and Tosca, and has gained approval from some important music critics (especially Ernesto Assante and Marco Magiarotti)..

Thanks to her participation in the Festival of the Italian Song ( Sanremo ), Serena has demonstrated that in her vocal cords there isn’t only an extraordinary vocation for jazz and the sounds related to it, but also a strong inclination towards other sound frontiers which the singer is physiologically

able to “manipulate” with great ease in her original and highly inspired compositions. Her vocal adaptability and her timbre similar to that of “African American” singers, together with her willingness to seek a wider vision of music, allow her to remove the limitations of different musical genres.

Serena Brancale’s passion for music and the art started when she was a child thanks to the support of her family. When she was very young she had violin lessons and later she had piano lessons. Together with the work in the field of music she developed a passion for acting and dancing and she attended courses and workshops in both disciplines. By the time she turned eighteen, she had become the official voice of Radio Bari, a famous local radio in Bari, and had been the narrating voice in performances by several theatrical companies. After graduating from Liceo Classico, Serena attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bari where she studied commercial art graphic design and comics. Later, she(Serena Brancale) decided to attend the Conservatorio Niccolò Piccinni in Bari where she perfected her jazz singing and her improvisation techniques. Serena has also had the opportunity to show her artistic qualities in the film industry: she had a minor role in the film “Mio cognate” by Alessandro Piva, with Sergio Rubini and Luigi Locascio; she was the protagonist in the film “Da che parte stai?” by the director Mario Bucci and she acted in the sit-com “Sarà la fame”. After signing a deal with the producer Michele Torpedine (historical manager of Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero, Giorgia, Il Volo), she had her first album “Galleggiare” produced by WARNER MUSIC ITALY and she participated in Sanremo with the title song “Galleggiare” in 2015.

Since 2015 she has been performing live all around Italy and she has been promoting her personal musical project which sees her protagonist, singer, musician and arranger. Serena has taken part in important festivals and she has been on stage in some very famous theaters: Curci, Mercadante, Abeliano, Norba, Garibaldi, Forma, Traetta, Parco della Musica, etc. She is now on italian tour with Il Volo.

Serena Brancale’s first album, “Galleggiare”, is made up of nine original songsin each ofwhich it is easy to recognize her love for jazz, funk, reggae and soul music. Serena is a songwriter, a musician and an arrangerwho is able to combine different musical genres to produce a new model of musicin which jazz and soul meet Italian pop music. “Galleggiare” portrays my true unveiled soul as the sole protagonist’ – Brancale explains – ‘as it walks “naked” in the lands of Puglia: in fields of wheat and in the wind. ‘I have been waiting a long time for this moment to come; the moment in which you end an important chapter of your life with an album which portrays your true nature.’ The album contains the title song, “Galleggiare”, with which she took part in the New Proposals category of the Sanremo Festival in 2015. The album, released by the Bruno Tibaldi’s Studio Lead label, has been produced by Michele Torpedine and all the songs have been written by Serena Brancale.


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Serena Brancale