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        FABRIZIO SOTTI Group

special guest CASSANDRA WILSON

            "Another Glamoured Country"

                     ASIAN TOUR 2019

Fabrizio Sotti and Cassandra Wilson started their musical collaboration almost two decades ago. Shortly after being introduced in 2002 at the New York City Jazz club Sweet Rhythm, they began work on Cassandra's album "Glamoured" (Blue Note) with Sotti integrally involved as guitarist, composer and producer. A decade down the road, 2012, a musical reunion and a release of exquisite and organic beauty, titled "Another Country" (e ONE) materialized. The collection blends the whispering lyricism of Sotti's acoustic guitar work with the ever maturing smoky sfumato vocal approach Wilson was becoming known for. Now, these two idiosyncratic and distinctive artists are in the planning stages of new efforts to collaborate. "Another Glamoured Country" , a tour of The Fabrizio Sotti Group with Special Guest Cassandra Wilson will provide audiences worldwide, with the opportunity to hear the treasured material from these recordings (most of which have never been performed live) !!!! Also featuring John Cowheard on piano.

               Availability :  November 2019

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